Hello, my name is Brian


and I'm the owner of Doran Photos. To find out a bit more about me in the least cheesiest way possible I have put together a wee cringe-free FAQ to give you an insight into what makes me tick!

About Me

Where are you based?

I'm a born and bred Glaswegian, still living in the area. My wedding photography though is Scotland-wide and most weekends I can be seen here, there and everywhere from Hawick in the borders to Nairn in the highlands and everywhere inbetween. I love road trip!

Do you have a family?

Yes. I live with my wife Pam and our 3 teenage kids, who I split my precious time between taxi-ing them to horseriding, athletics, and football. ( I do this with a smile on my face - honest : )

What does your downtime look like?

Gravel / Road Cycling (love it)
Street Photography (decent)
Teaching my self to DJ (much improvement needed)
Playing Golf (trying to)
Football Chat (used to be a master)

How long have you been photographing weddings?

Just over a decade. I shot my first wedding in 2012 and really started taking it seriously in 2014 and having shot over 200 weddings to date have never really looked back.

What makes you tick?

3 things :
Helping people.
Providing for the family.
Making a difference.

Fave Place?

New York hands down. Always feel at home there. The Disneyland of street photography. Also love a bit of road cycling in Europe.

Timeless Style

Embracing a timeless approach to wedding photography, my focus is on capturing authentic moments and genuine emotions that tell the unique story of your special day. I prioritise natural light and classic compositions, steering clear of fleeting trends or excessive editing techniques. I aim to create images that will stand the test of time, serving as cherished memories for generations to come. My goal is to provide you with timeless wedding photos that you will proudly pass down to future generations.

A Decade of Experience

With just over 200 weddings photographed, spanning 10 years, I have experienced pretty much every type of Scottish wedding imaginable from bespoke intimate elopements to grand city ballroom celebrations and everything else in between. I have also visited pretty much every part of Scotland, from the Highlands in the north, the Central Belt and the Borders in the south (sometimes all in one week!).

Some Of My Personal Work